Nutrition Education

Hele Mai ʻAi

A basic nutrition class that will give you the necessary tools to make healthy food choices. The Program consists of three different classes that are two hours long, one day a week for three weeks. This curriculum was created by the Hawaii State Department of Health.


Program Overview:

  • Culture / History
  • Fat
  • Sodium
  • Recipe Modification
  • Sugar
  • Label Reading
  • Physical Activity

Individualized Diet Plans:

  • Diabetic Diets
  • Low Cholesterol Diets
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Management Plans for Children and Adults


For more information please contact an office nearest you: 

 (808) 969-9220   for  Hilo,
 (808) 965-5521   for  Pāhoa,
 (808) 323-3618   for  Kona,
 (808) 929-9700   for  Kaʻū
 (808) 885-0489   for Waimea