Diabetes Education

Mai Ka Mala’ai Program

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the leading causes of death in Native Hawaiians and uncontrolled diabetes can lead to serious damage of every organ, often resulting in complications such as stroke, blindness, kidney failure, amputation of limbs, and complications of pregnancy.


To provide an educational setting that will encourage clients to increase their knowledge about diabetes, its risk factors and associated complications; to learn skills to manage their diabetes and to take action in the management of their diabetes.   All clients with diabetes or who are at high-risk for developing diabetes and their ‘ohana are encouraged to participate in the program activities.


This is a 10- week program designed to provide diabetes education and to help clients develop skills to self manage their diabetes.  Classes will center around a 4×2 garden box that will provide food, physical activity, relaxation and a common focus from which class participants can share experiences about their lifelong condition.

SCREENING (Initial, 6 months, 1 year)


  1. Blood Sugar
  2. Cholesterol
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. 3-day food intake
  5. Physical activity assessment


Building Your Mala – How to build a 4×2 garden box

  1. Planting and caring for your Mala
  2. Diabetes 101

Risk Factors, Pathophysiology of Diabetes, Signs & Symptoms, Monitoring glucose levels, Lifestyle Adjustments, Insulin and Oral agents, Encouraging use of glucose meters, Establishing Routine Care, Regular Meal Schedule


Dietary Recommendations for Individuals with Diabetes, Food Portions, Benefits of Fiber, Making Your Recipes Healthier

  1. Fitness
  2. Medication Management
  3. Taking Care of Your Feet
  4. Fertilizers for Your Mala
  5. Dental Health
  6. Coping Skills
  1. Sustaining your Mala


Referrals of high-risk clients will be made to appropriate clinical staff or

private providers.


1.  Gardens will be monitored by a  staff member and/or  volunteers.

2.  Outcome Measures:

a.  100% of participants will be screened at the beginning, 6

months and 1 year.

b.  90% of clients will have HgA1c done annually

c.  40% of clients will have HgA1C of < or = 7

c.  50% of clients will have random glucose values of <140 mg/dl

d.  30% of clients will increase vegetable intake to 3/day and fruit

intake to 2/day

e.  30% of overweight/obese participants will lose 5% of their body

weight in 6 months

f.  100% of clients will learn a Hawaiian value.

If  you have any Questions or concerns regarding any thing related to Diabetes or want to join in one of our Mai Ka Mala`ai Classes Please call and talk with one of our Outreach Case Managers to schedule a time that would fit you to come in and learn more about taking better care of  you or someone you love.

Remember:  Knowledge is Power.

For more information please contact an office nearest you: 
 (808) 969-9220   for  Hilo
 (808) 965-5521   for  Pahoa
 (808) 323-3618   for  Kona
 (808) 929-9700   for  Ka`u 
 (808) 885-0489   for Waimea