ʻAha Wahine 2012: A Preview

ʻAha Wahine 2012: A Preview from Oiwi TV on Vimeo.

There’s just certain things that we can talk about amongst each other that we can’t talk about in the presence of men,” said Mehanaokalā Hind, one of the coordinators of the ʻAha Wahine.

Hind is leading the charge to implement the first ever ʻAha Wahine.

“Native Hawaiian women have been gathering in smaller groups in their particular practices. Whether that be hula or lauhala weaving or kapa,” explains Hind, “But to have one on a grander scale that dealt with larger issues that all of us as Native Hawaiian women deal with. Socioeconomic issues, health issues, education issues and so forth.”

The focus is reconnecting women to their Hawaiian culture to help them prosper.

“What I want the women to walk away with is a sense of of, a growing sense of their Native Hawaiian identity,” said Hind.

The women’s-only conference is largely based on the success of the ʻAha Kāne, a males-only health conference.

“That was a really good push because it let people out there know and especially men that there is a role for men. There is a role for Native Hawaiian women in our, in our society, and they play very pivotal roles. So why not gather and highlight those roles?” asks Hind.

While all the details are being worked out, Hind is organizing a mini-ʻAha Wahine in February at Windward Community College.

“I want Native Hawaiian women to thrive. I want Native Hawaiian families to thrive and I see this as one of those steps in making that possible,” said Hind.

To register or for more information, visit www.AhaWahine.Org.

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